Beke and Zee Kickstarter Campaign is live!

After 9 months of planning, we're really proud to have finally launched a campaign to generate funding for our newest project - Beke and Zee. It's an animated series for kids (and big kids!), with adventure, intrigue, curiosity, and learning, aiming to entertain and educate at the same time. Think of a blend between Scooby Doo, Disney, and Horrible Histories and you're about there!

Here's the link to the campaign page for more info, with a video and some pics!

Thanks very much!

Gifs to help convert leads and make sales!

MegaCity Studios is now offering bespoke, custom-made gifs that add that bit extra to your newsletters, updates, and offers - making sure you stick in the minds of your audience, and not your competitors. 

Starting from just £12 each, you can prepare for the Christmas rush now with a special offer of 5 for £50! This offer will run right through November, so make sure you grab it while it's hot!

Gifs can loop, or only play once, ensuring that you have full control. With any and all styles available, why not try a bespoke, custom-made gif for your next campaign today? 

Get in touch now to purchase or to find out more!

Learning about insurance with animations!

The first of a series of animations designed to teach about insurance has been released in collaboration with Worry+Peace. This one is all about the origins of modern insurance!

Check it out here:

First in the series is the Origin Story of Insurance. A quick tale about where it all started and why it continues to be critical to this day. Part of our campaign to improve the relationship between insurers and consumers.

Life Bulb is released!

Our animated short, "Life bulb", has all grown up and flown the nest out into the real world, you can watch it here! We had great fun making this; using a slightly different style from previous animations meant that while it became a whole lot more challenging, it was that much more rewarding too.

We wanted to make a story that didn't use any speech to explain things, trying to do the age old story telling technique of 'show, don't tell', and from the response back we managed to hit the nail on the head.

It's an interesting conundrum whether to use narration or not, since your audience knows exactly what's happening with a voice over, but without it forces them to think about what you're trying to say, which for some messages is perhaps better.

On to the next project!

CSS and you

Over the course of designing our website we've taken inspiration from many sources, but one particular thing that we find brilliant is CSS Zen Garden (, showing how one page of content can be changed so easily and in so many different ways, while still retaining legibility.  It shows how CSS can make a page as simple or complicated as you need, depending on your branding and overall style - all you need to keep is the HTML code, and the CSS lays over the top to make it shiny and fresh.