About Us

Who are we?

What do we stand for? Why do we do it? Where does it all happen?

MegaCity Studios was created to bring my passion for design to those who require my skills. I stand for legibility, sustainibility, and holistic design - both pragmatic and beautiful; putting life and experiences into my work.
— Sam Allen, Founder of MegaCity Studios

Started in sunny Royston, just a stones throw from Cambridge, MegaCity Studios is a design and animation studio with purpose - to give you the richest and most tangible designs. 

Sam founded MegaCity Studios after graduating from the University of Sheffield and the National University of Singapore where he read Architecture. He brings his love of film and design, as well as his experiences and education from architecture, to mesh them into something much greater. 

MegaCity Studios stands at the cutting edge of design and technology, constantly keeping up to date with the latest fashions and trends, throwing them into the melting pot to produce great work. We aim to bring a personal touch to our bespoke projects, ensuring that everything we do has meaning and drive.